Getting Started

Get out there and fish!

In the meantime, here are a few words that may help point you in the right direction.


Fish can be caught with a variety of methods.  The tools and techniques, for fishing, take many forms throughout the world adapting to local environment, culture, and economics.  The reason why people fish is also complex.  The purpose of this site is to give a small window into the diverse world of fishing with the goal of appreciating all fish, regardless of species, for their inherent value.


Fish like to eat.  With angling, fishermen attempt to present baits that appear irresistible to their targeted fish species.  This bait can be living, dead, or artificial.  Fish most commonly use sight and smell to locate food and so these are important variables to consider for presentation.

Hook and Line:

The hook is a primitive, yet effective, method for landing fish.  With proper use, hooks can also allow for low impact catch-and-release fishing.  Barbless hooks and prompt hook-set are two ways to reduce fish mortality.  Line selection is another important variable to consider for each species of fish.  The goal is to use line that will not break or spook the fish while allowing for accurate casting.

Additional Equipment:

A wide range of additional equipment can be purchased or built that can increase efficiency or ease access to fish.  Beyond line spooling and weights, most tackle is a luxury and not needed for many fishing environments.  Specialized tackle is most useful when targeting an individual species of fish that fills an unusual niche in the food web.  Consumer aesthetic taste is the driving principle behind much of the angling industry.

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